Sajal Podar

  1. Extensive experience and background in the financial verticals.
  2. He has been a part of various implementations in government undertakings, stock exchanges and financial institutions.
  3. As a CEO he believes in steer hardwork and time management for satisfaction of clients.
  4. As a CEO he empowers employees by inculcating basic values.
  5. As a CEO he believes strategic partnership is the key to innovations.
  6. Clients are the core-As a CEO he is open to client insights and keeps in mind priorities of employees as well as clients.
  7. As a CEO he also believes in macro management-Maintenance of highly trained management team that is fully capable of handling these tasks .This enables the CEO to remain focused on meeting the goals.
  8. As a CEO he believes no company is successful without strong management team where each member must be a leader that knows and is accountable for his/her job responsibilities ,while Mr. Sajal as the CEO simply mentors and motivates his staff and guides them to meet the business goals of the company.
  9. He has 20 plus years of experience in software development in different domains including Document Management Systems, Tender Management Systems, Y2K Compliance , ERP and engineering design.
Work Experiences Of The CEO Of The Company
  1. Experience in G2C portal for various government departments.
  2. Conceptualization of various applications for government department and organization.
  3. Application development of crowd funding system.
  4. Mail service solution using VMware technology.
  5. Oracle apps implementation , customization and maintenance.
  6. Fixed Asset Maintenance System for State Bank Of India.
  7. Design, Implementation, Delivery and maintenance of an end - to -end ERP for the Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE) -including security, surveillance, accounts, payroll, arbitration, listing and document management.
  8. Brain behind the products ChartguruEOD and ChartguruON- right from conceptualization to implementation from sales to marketing.