Tracks the residents of the flats inside each& every block

The brief was to create Golf Green Society app which tracks the residents of the flats inside each and every block. This application should provide a platform where each and every resident can register their grievances after creating a profile in the app.

Project Execution :

We have developed a mobile application system that provides:

  • Grievance Registration
  • Payment for Various Purpose
  • User Registration and Login
  • Event Reminder
  • Board Manager and Type Committee
  • After the digitization, the complaint registration system has become hassle free. Now people don’t have to go anywhere for registration which save their time. The process has become more accurate.

    Project Overview:

    Golf Green Society required an application system that tracks the residents of various flats inside each and every block. It should also able to provide a platform where all the residents will be able to register their grievances.

    Project Execution:

    We have built a web application system that provides:

  • Home page listing all the services and facilities
  • List of board managers
  • Type committee
  • Grievance Application Form
  • Events
  • Administration
  • Due to the digitization, the process has become hassle-free. It also takes less-time than the usual. There is also less chance of error due to minimum manual intervention.